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Iraklia belongs to the group of islands known as The Small Cyclades.
It has an area of 18.078 square Km and it's coastline length is 29,94 km.
There are two settlements: The port, Ag. Georgios and Panagia, which are joined by a 4 km long tarmac road.
The distance from the port of Naxos is 18 nautical miles.
Climate: moderate.
Population: about 145 people.

What you should know before you get there:
Iraklia offers peaceful holidays, ideal for relaxing, away from traffic and busy town life.

- There are no banks but there is one ATM.
- There isn't a petrol station.
- There are no camping facilities.
- There are no authorities other than    the Community office.
- There are no buses and taxis.
- There's a minibus available that goes from Ag. Georgios to Panagia and the beach Tourkopigado.
- There are 2 dispensaries and a  doctor.
- There's water and electricity available for yachts at the port.

How to get there:
From Naxos to Iraklia the local ferryboat Scopelitis departs everyday except Sundays at 14:00  and arrives in Iraklia at 15:30 .
For more information call the ticket agencies at the following numbers:
22850-71561, 74185,71539 Vangelis Gavalas
There are ferry boats that depart       
a)from Piraeus and come to Iraklia 3 days a week .
b) There's a highspeed ferry from the port of Rafina everyday from 1/6/2014 till September.For more details, check here

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Useful phone Numbers (area code 22850):
Municipality office:
71545, 77004
Dispensary: 71388
Naxos Port Office: 22300